Go Medieval at the Texas Renaissance Festival!

Regardless of where you live in the state of Texas, chances are you’ve probably heard of the amazing Renaissance Festival that takes place every year! 

For Houston residents who only live around 50-ish minutes away from the event’s main location, there’s a new reason to be excited because this year, the Texas Renaissance Festival is back and hotter than ever! From Oktoberfest to All Hallows Eve to Barbarian Invasions, each week features a brand new theme for guests to enjoy! 

Running all the way to November 28th, it’s the perfect time to gather together with family and friends to enjoy some of the best sights, sounds, and brews! And don’t forget about the food? Where would we be without a massive Renaissance Festival turkey leg gracing our gullets as we explore the best shops, costumes, and merchandise opportunities around? I have fond memories of attending in costume with my friends, along with having some excellent opportunities to purchase some one-of-a-kind items and gear!

If you’re living in the Houston area, or even at some of my favorite Houston properties including Bayou Park, Providence at Heights, Lakeside Forest, Sedona Pointe, and Providence at Memorial, there’s plenty of easy access over to the festival’s main location and I think that you’ll find that the commute over is pretty easy, so long as you remember to stay alert for incoming traffic. With Covid restrictions loosening up, this will definitely be a really popular event for many eager Texans so go with that in mind. Sometimes, it’s best to pick an unconventional day to attend so that you can beat the rush.

Tickets for the Texas Renaissance Festival are already on sale and appear to be going to up to $29 per person. I definitely recommend grabbing some while you can because you never know when certain days and events will fill up! You can visit their main website HERE for more information. 

I’m really looking forward to the festival this year and I personally can’t wait to attend for another great year! It’s definitely something worthwhile and I can’t imagine a better way to spend the weekend! But don’t just take my word for it, head on out and see for yourself why the Texas Renaissance Festival is the best place to be for all things food and fun!


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Oct 26